V.A.T Refund Service

In the cases when the amount of V.A.T the tax payers who are subject to vat free paid is more than what is determined by law we give them the service to take back the v.a.t that they should have.

In this respect, problem solving of this sort regarding  v.a.t refund ,presenting alternative ways of refunding   quickly and completely is our job.

While giving this service, we are also helping our customers in the following situations-

A- Checking the correctness of periodical v.a.t amount  in accordance with the company records

B- Preparing v.a.t refund report and submitting it to the correct branch of ministry.

C- Determining the amount of v.a.t refund that the company can get.

D- Doing necessary cross-checks about the suppliers.

E- Preparing  v.a.t refund reports.

F- Preparing necessary documents and lists  for applying v.a.t refund according to the regulations and putting them into the system.

G- Writing objection letters given by the revenue administration about the missing points of the reports in accordance with the regulations and submitting them to the tax department.

H-  Assisting our customers in their relations with the tax department.