KARDEM,with its  25 experienced  staff,establishes and develops companies’ institutional structures professionally.It does these in the fields of  accountancy,taxation,social security and commerce with a high quality.

Started its work life in 2008,KARDEM has been a leading firm in independent audit and certified public accountancy.

KARDEM shares the knowledge which has been gained by combining sectoral experience with  finance legislation with its customers in the fields of such sectors as construction,mining, transportation,food and textile.

KARDEM serves with the intention of leading its customers to  the correct ways so that they look to the future safely.With its bases  in İstanbul and Ankara and an office in İzmir,it provides alternative solutions to complicated problems of work life as far as Law permits  and submits reports to the managements of the companies.Besides,KARDEM provides more services as such guidance councelling and  finance law training to the personnel of the companies.

The founders,  Metin Karaduman and Hüseyin Demir worked as tax inspectors in the Ministry of Finance for 12 years.With the experience of this period,they ,with their qualified colleaques,give financial services to the elite customers

We carry out audit operations under the supervision of a certified public accountant with a team of one public accountant and assistants on either monthly or weekly basis.Moreover,we write analysis reports in our offices and submits these reports to our customers.

Using computer assisted programmes,we provide more accurate and high quality service.Thus,we minimize the time spent by our customers’ accountancy departments.We also provide to our customers tax plannings about the subjects detected in our audit processes.As a principle,we chose to take actions for any foreseeable problems.We also inform our customers about the changes in  the  related fields of taxation and other legislations.


KARDEM establishes,observes and develops ıts customers’ institutional stuctures by taking our country’s values and workers’ developments into consideration.It does these so professionally and reliablly.


KARDEM aims to make the values that it adds to its customers and the shareholders  sustainable.It also aims to be updated and to carry out its tasks uninterruptedly.